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Manuka Hydrosol-NZ Native Oils Ltd

Manuka Hydrosol


At New Zealand Native Oils we distil our own Manuka Hydrosol using our spray free Manuka. It can be purchased in a handy 150ml aluminium spray bottle, or a larger 1 litre reusable plastic container.

Did you know Manuka Hydrosol has anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and anti-viral properties. Perfect to help with the healing of cuts, rashes, infections and abrasions. Our ancestors have used Manuka in Rongoa (traditional Maori medicine) for centuries. Some of the everyday uses for Manuka Hydrosol are for the treatment of acne, athletes foot, burns, eczema, insect stings, psoriasis, mouth and throat infections and sunburn. Every home medicine cabinet needs to contain this!!

Hydrosols are the pure co-product of the steam distillation of plant material.  When plants are steam distilled to produce essential oils, some valuable compounds of the plant, that are not found in the essential oil, become dissolved in the distillation water.

This condensed fragrant steam is known as hydrosols or aromatic waters.  It contains some drops of the essential oil as well as water soluble plant properties which are anti-inflammatory and non-irritating for people with sensitive skin and animals, many of the valuable properties of the Manuka are found only in the hydrosol. 

The hydrosol has the same therapeutic properties of the essential oil without the irritant potential.  The micro drops of essential oil provide the scent and taste.  The plant components give the hydrosols their herbal therapy properties. Hydrosols are a gentle yet powerful therapeutic agent.

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