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About our Natural and Organic Skin Care company in New Zealand - by Maria, Company Founder



My interest in the amazing properties associated with New Zealand native plants developed after my partner Gary decided he needed a midlife change in career -  opening Kapiti Nursery, a boutique native plant nursery, at our home on New Zealand's sunny Kapiti Coast.

Our daughters and I began experimenting with handmade soaps using a few native plant heroes - manuka, kanuka, kowhai, pohutukawa, mamaku, and harakeke.  We noticed our skin transforming and were hooked.  Everything about the venture reflects our family ethos - buying local, natural, sustainable - nurturing the people around us and our environment.

Gary created our beautiful store and located a still, which we use to distill manuka and kanuka essential oils.  Hydrosol is a by-product of the distillation process and the girls and I love using our own, delicately scented hydrosol in our soaps. All our soaps are handmade at our nursery, using all natural ingredients sourced from New Zealand.  We do our utmost to source organic and sustainable ingredients and packaging.

The feedback we received from early customers was amazing and enthused us to create more natural beauty and organic skin care products.  After a lot of study, consultation, discussion, and experimentation, we have now formulated a wonderful, ninety percent organic, and fully natural range of skincare in New Zealand.  With two furry family members, we even created a skincare range for dogs suffering from skin problems.  This "Itchy'n'Scratchy" range has proven incredibly popular. Other ranges include shampoo and conditioner bars for Haircare, organic aromatherapy oil roll ons, Kawakawa balms and Magnesium body lotions

I have been overwhelmed with positive feedback but your constructive feedback is welcome too.  The beauty of being a boutique manufacturer is constant contact with customers and I continue to develop the products, packaging, and store.

You'll find me in the shop most days, at local markets, or you can contact me via this website.  I'd love to hear from you, so do drop by!


PS: We courier all our natural skincare and beauty products nationwide, from Auckland to the Hawkes Bay, right down to Christchurch and Dunedin in the South Island. Free Shipping For Orders Over $100

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