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Sesame Seed Oil Organic

Posted by Maria Brocklebank on
Sesame Seed Oil Organic

Sesame has been used as an oil seed for over 5000 years! It's history stretches back as far as ancient Egypt, where it was mentioned in the scrolls of the Ebers as being a favoured medicine. Women in ancient Babylon were believed to have used a mixture of sesame seeds and honey, called 'havla', to prolong youth and beauty. Sesame is widely used within traditional Ayurvedic medicine, and was used by Roman soldiers as a source of strength and energy. In modern times, sesame oil is probably known mostly for its use as a cooking oil, especially in Asian and Indian cuisine.

As one of the most widely-used Ayurvedic medicines, sesame is valued for its ability to effectively cleanse wounds, moisturise and soften skin, improve the quality and strength of hair.

Sesame oil contains omega 3 essential fatty acids, natural antioxidants (vitamin E), and vitamins B6 and K. It is a rich source of minerals such as calcium, magnesium, copper, iron and zinc, and it also contains sesamin, a lignan (plant compound) which offers vast nutritional benefits to the body.

Used in Natural Manuka Sunscreen and Itchy 'n Scratchy Sunscreen.

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