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Comfrey Leaf

Posted by Maria Brocklebank on
Comfrey Leaf

Comfrey’s use in Chinese traditional medicine spans over 2000 years and in the  Middle Ages comfrey baths were very common. Comfrey is widely known as “one of nature’s greatest medicinal herbs”.

Comfrey is a herb that aids in skin cell growth. The leaves and the roots are the most potent parts of the plant and can be used to cure a number of skin, hair, and health related problems. Comfrey moisturizes and tones your skin and removes blemishes. It also helps in conditioning your hair and controlling hair loss.

Apply crushed comfrey leaves on wounds to help them heal faster. Comfrey tea can ease indigestion, acid reflux, and heart burn. 

The roots and leaves of the Comfrey plant contains a compound called allantoin, and this is what makes this herb so beneficial. Research suggests that allantoin helps the body grow new skin cells and also has the ability to help in regeneration of connective tissues. `Comfrey also possesses high amounts of tannins and rosmarinic acid and tannins that help in skin cell growth. Other helpful compounds include mucopolysaccharides, vitamin B12, antioxidants, and proteins.

Comfrey is known to be a skin-friendly herb. As mentioned before, comfrey is rich in allantoin, a compound which comes packed with chemicals that aid in cell regeneration and growth and helps protect your skin from damage. Because of this property, comfrey offers a number of skincare benefits.  The Allantoin helps with the ability to repair damaged cells and produce new ones which speeds the healing of burns, insect bites and rashes, skin ulcers and sores.  It can cure various skin conditions like psoriasis and eczema.

Ancient Greeks and Romans turned to the comfrey leaves to heal fractures.  The anti-inflammatory properties of this herb make it very effective in healing pain quickly.  Applying a poultice directly to an aching joint can also help cure rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis.

Comfrey is also a natural conditioner that can help solve dry scalp problems such as dandruff and nourishes the hair to make it look lustrous and shiny.  Comfrey also contains mucilage (a plant protein) which helps relax your hair and easily detangles knots.

Used in Kanuka and Hemp Seed Oil Hand Cream

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